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Classic-Therm® GFK standard

Sandwich panel, the outer layer is made of polyester-glass laminate, the core of the panel is polystyrene foam (XPS). Thanks to its high resistance to UV radiation, weather conditions, as well as the temperature range, it is perfect as a thermal insulation panel for any type of vehicle.

Classic-Therm® GFK standard HC

Classic-Therm® GFK sandwich panel standard HC. HC panels available in this offer are available in five different widths. You can choose a panel with a width of 2000 mm, 2100 mm, 2200 mm, 2300 mm and 2500 mm. Their maximum length can be up to 7000 mm. There are also two thicknesses of the outer layers: 1,5 mm and 1,7 mm. The outer layer of the HC plate is highly resistant to UV radiation.

Classic-Therm® GFK standard PUR

Sandwich panel, the outer layer is made of polyester-glass laminate, with a smooth surface with slightly visible embedded glass fiber, while good resistance to UV radiation and weather conditions. The core of the sandwich panel is polyurethane foam (PUR).


GFK Ostrowski isothermal panels, belonging to the Classic – Therm® series, are intended mainly for the superstructures of delivery cars. Thanks to the special technology of merge individual elements, GRP sandwich panels are distinguished by exceptional durability, resistance to impact and various weather conditions. The light core of the sandwich panel is, among others, extruded polystyrene (XPS). GFK is a sandwich panel with glass fiber (polyester-glass laminate). Depending on the needs, HCPP panels and GFK panels are adapted to the construction of car bodies, such as catering trailers, construction of delivery vans such as: superstructures of container, superstructures of refrigerated trailer, superstructures of cargo, superstructures of van. Ostrowski sandwich panels are perfect for all isothermal structures – their heat transfer coefficient (U) is equal to 1.35 (W / m2 x K) with a panel thickness of 24 mm; while the tolerance of the thickness of the sandwich panel is +/- 1mm. An additional advantage of Classic-Therm® panels, in addition to their unprecedented stiffness and relatively low weight, is the ability to adjust the total thickness of the panels, depending on the customer’s needs.

Ostrowski sandwich panels for overbuilt the chassis

The wide offer of the Ostrowski sandwich panel manufacturer includes products of high-quality workmanship, characterized by extraordinary durability and functionality. GFK sandwich panels are most often used to create bodywork. A wide selection of sandwich panels with different types of core allows for the right choice in relation to the planned investment.
Our catalog includes, among others sandwich panels: GFK standard HCPP, GFK standard PT, GFK standard PUR, GFK powerlight, GFK powerlight PUR, GFK stucco, GFK / HPL, GFK / HPL-HD or SKS
We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the current offer.

Heat-insulating sandwich panel – container-type bodywork, refrigerated bodywork.

The thermal insulation panel is the best solution for building the bodies of vehicles such as catering trailers and delivery vans for various purposes – transport, such as a container trailer, or food, such as refrigerated trailer. We also offer specialized sandwich panels, such as panels for yachts superstructures, motorhomes, panels for the construction of trailers or panels for construction of containers.

The thermal insulation boards offered by our company have been manufactured on the basis of reinforced glass laminates, thanks to which we guarantee the best parameters of protection against damage. The panels for vans we offer also meet high aesthetic standards – the outer surface of the panels is resistant to UV rays and other weather conditions and can be finished with a high gloss (Highgloss laminate) or with an attractive structure (Stucco laminate). We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the current offer, as well as other product categories, including, among others: high-quality products: door panels, panels intended for large-format printing (e.g. aluminum plate, PVCs plate or with the use of HPL); as well as sandwich panels that are an ideal solution for all kinds of window extensions and general joinery.



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