Types of panels

Classic-Therm® GFK highgloss

Sandwich panel with glass-polyester laminate with a high gloss surface finish. Resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions. The GFK Highgloss board is perfect for applications requiring high aesthetics. The core of the board is extruded polystyrene (XPS).

Classic-Therm® GFK highgloss HC

Double-sided plate for automotive manufacturing, with high-gloss Highgloss polyester-glass laminate. The inner layer is a polypropylene HC honeycomb. Panel intended for superstructures of car bodies, delivery vans, trailers or, for example, as sanitary facilities.

Classic-Therm® GFK highgloss PUR

The core of the board is polyurethane foam (PUR). The outer layers are Highgloss polyester-glass laminate with high gloss. It is resistant to UV and weather conditions. This sandwich panel is ideal for aesthetically pleasing applications due to its smooth outer surface.

Classic-Therm® GFK highgloss PT

The core of the panel for building car bodies is an innovative foam with low weight and high mechanical strength. The outer layers are Highgloss laminate with high stiffness and a smooth glossy surface. The plate is intended for building car bodies with high aesthetics.

Classic-Therm® GFK highgloss EPS

Panel for versatile elements for automotive manufacturing with high gloss polyester / glass laminate. Highgloss laminate is resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions and is approved for contact with food. It is more “smooth” than the Standard version. The core of the board is EPS (expanded polystyrene).

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