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Types of panels

Classic-Therm® ALU COLOR

Winter garden sandwich panel made of raw aluminum or painted in a color according to the RAL palette. The plate is covered with a protective film. The inner layer is XPS. Intended for internal and external use. Ideally suited as a garden wall covering or as a roof sandwich panel.

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Classic-Therm® PSP

Sandwich panel coated with glue on both sides, suitable for gluing all-surface sheets: aluminum, steel, zinc. Self-adhesive foam intended as a sandwich panel for winter gardens.

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Classic-Therm® PVC

White PVC sandwich panel, RAL 9016, on both sides, protected with a protective film. XPS foam core. PVC board used as a building on walls of a winter garden or its elements.

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Classic-Therm® HPL

HPL laminate board (on both sides) covered with Renolit, Continental (Hornschuch), Cova foil, covered with protective foil. XPS core. Aesthetic, stiff and light sandwich panel suitable as a building on winter garden walls.

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Classic-Therm® GFK Standard

White GFK polyester laminate panel on both sides, covered with a protective film. XPS or PUR filling. Garden sandwich panel with glass laminate cladding.

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Sandwich panels for the construction of winter gardens of the highest quality. Ostrowski Sp. z o.o. Manufacturer of sandwich panels such as: garden sandwich panels, garden wall coverings or roof panels.

Winter garden construction

One of the most popular methods of roofing a winter garden is a glass roof or a roof made of solid or cellular polycarbonate. In the first case, the roofing of the garden is often exposed to an unsightly appearance after rain or snowfall, which results in the need to frequently wash the roof from its outside, which, let’s face it, is not one of the most pleasant activities. The roof of the winter garden is also exposed to mechanical damage caused by, for example, falling tree branches or hail balls. Therefore, the glazing is most preferably made of toughened or laminated glass.

Roofing of the winter garden and winter garden walls

The solution to the above problems may be the construction of the roof of the garden pavilion with a rigid, light Classic-Therm® panel, our production. Ostrowski sandwich panels for winter gardens provide excellent thermal insulation, and hence – a comfortable temperature in the interior, shade and, importantly, sound attenuation (acoustic insulation) from the environment as well as absorption of noise from precipitation. The issue of the board’s resistance to damage is also important.

Winter garden panels – products

Classic-Therm® garden sandwich panels can have a different structure and thickness adjusted to a specific window system. In the case of the Classic-Therm® ALU COLOR panel, the outer layers are made of a raw or varnished aluminum plate according to the RAL palette. Classic-Therm® PVC sandwich panel has PVC facings on both sides. The next item is the Classic-Therm® GFK sandwich panel, where we used polyester-glass laminate on the outer layers. If we want to make the garden more attractive and take care of the aesthetics, a sandwich panel with HPL cladding covered with foil according to the Renolit, Continental (Hornschuch) or Cova pattern book will help. The offer is completed by Classic-Therm® PSP board. It is a double-sided self-adhesive foam covered with silicone paper.

Garden sandwich panels – the core

The inner layer of the Classic-Therm® sandwich panel is made of extruded polystyrene – a hard XPS board without the presence of freons. The temperature range in which the inner layer maintains its properties oscillates between -60 and + 70 ° C. The board has a flammability class E and is classified as thermal conductivity 035.

Winter garden panels

As Ostrowski Sp. z o. o. we try to use our many years of experience in the industry, which is the production of sandwich panels, to gain new market segments, by offering innovative solutions using sandwich panels, the core of which is not only extruded polystyrene (XPS) but also polyurethane PUR foam, ecological PT foam or filling based on HCPP (honeycomb). If you still hesitate whether to start building a winter garden or a backyard pavilion, remember about Ostrowski sandwich panels. It will definitely be a bull’s eye and will allow you to enjoy the investment for many years.






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