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Types of panels

Classic-Viscom PVCs

Classic-Viscom PVCs Advertising Panel

PVCs foam panel, which consists of outer layers on both sides of a sheet of foamed PVC, white color, ideally suited for large-format printing, wrapping or cutting. The core of the panel is extruded polystyrene (XPS). This lightweight advertising board is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Classic-Viscom PVC

Classic-Viscom PVC Advertising Panel

The outer layers are white hard PVC plates on both sides, perfect for processing such as: large-format printing, wrapping and cutting. The core of the board is extruded polystyrene (XPS). These lightweight foam
boards are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Classic-Viscom ALU

Classic-Viscom ALU Advertising Panel

The outer layers are raw or varnished aluminum plate in the full available RAL color palette. The core of the board is extruded polystyrene (XPS). The ALU plate is suitable for internal and external use.

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Classic-Viscom HPL-HD

Classic-Viscom HPL-HD Advertising Panel

Extremely light and stiff HPL laminate panel available in wood-like, uniform, smooth and structural colors. The core of the board is extruded polystyrene (XPS). This lightweight foam board is a high-quality advertising board.

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Classic-Viscom SK

Waterproof, lightweight, durable and easy-to-handle rigid plate. Plywood is perfect for varnishing, painting, cutting or milling.

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Classic-Therm® Markerboard

Dry-erase magnetic plate Classic-Therm® Markerboard

The panel is intended for whiteboards, for writing with dry-erase markers. Thanks to a special coating, you can easily erase the inscriptions with a regular sponge or cloth.

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Classic-Therm® Chalk board

Classic-Therm® Chalk board

Outer coating of the plate adapted to be written on with chalk. Colours: Green and Black.

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Advertising boards, as an information carrier, must be prepared in an appropriate way to enable the implementation of each project. As a manufacturer of sandwich panels, we are aware of the great responsibility towards customers who use our products to fulfill their orders. The advertising plates offered by our company meet all the requirements allowing them to be used as plates for large-format printing. The core is made of high-quality extruded polystyrene (XPS). Their double-sided outer layer is covered with a material selected according to the future use of the product. The most commonly used materials for the production of this lightweight advertising panel are: foamed PVC, hard PVC, HPL-HD laminate, aluminum plate (ALU plate) or waterproof plywood plate.

Advertising boards – application

The advertising panel produced by the Ostrowski company has plastic properties that enable its processing (cutting, milling). These lightweight foam boards are easy to apply UV printing and apply various types of foil. This makes the Classic-Viscom plates an ideal advertising medium (large-format printing). It is worth remembering that when using advertising boards with print in outdoor conditions, it is recommended to use a suitable UV protective laminate. Regardless of whether you choose an aluminum plate, a standard PVC plate or a light PVCs plate, the product will certainly meet your requirements and needs.

Ostrowski’s offer not only for large-format printing

The Ostrowski company’s offer includes many different products – thanks to this, it is possible to choose the appropriate advertising board, compatible with its future use. For example, the Classic-Viscom PVCS advertising board, thanks to its properties, is perfect for large-format
printing. Each advertising board in the Ostrowski product offer is characterized by exceptional durability, low weight and stiffness. High-quality sandwich panels equals high-quality advertising panels. On the other hand, the aluminum plate included in the offer, suitable for internal and external use, will be a good basis for slightly larger billboards or signs.

As a manufacturer of sandwich panels, we also focus on providing quality solutions in the field of production of panels for car bodies, door fillings and window frame extensions. The boards we offer are characterized by extraordinary durability while maintaining appropriate lightness. Therefore, regardless of whether we decide on a panel from the Classic Therm series, or whether the Classic-Viscom aluminum plate is needed, Ostrowski products are covered by the highest quality and functionality guarantee.

Advertising panel – what can be found in the Ostrowski offer?

Each advertising plate produced in our company is a product of the highest quality. The advanced and technologically developed production line enables us to produce high-quality sandwich panels intended for use in many industries.

We offer light Classic-Viscom PVCs boards with outer layers of white foamed PVC. This type of plate works very well for large-format printing. The Classic-Viscom PVC advertising board, on the other hand, is made of hard PVC. Our next offer are Classic-Viscom ALU panels with an outer layer made of raw or varnished aluminum. Classic-Viscom SKS is a board whose outer layer is waterproof plywood, which is very durable, but at the same time very easy to work with. Classic-Viscom HPL-HD foam board is made of HPL laminate and is available in wood-like and uniform

CLASSIC-Therm® is a sandwich panel designed for dry-wipe, magnetic dry-wipe, chalk boards, large-format school boards. The boards are used in many areas, not only in education, but also in the private sector or companies. The dry-wipe magnetic plate is ideal for the production of
boards, which in turn are used for training, presentations or business meetings. The dry-wipe magnetic plate is made of materials resistant to mechanical damage and scratches. A special outer coating allows you to quickly and easily remove the inscriptions with a regular sponge or

Magnetic board- producer Ostrowski Sp. z o.o – the best for school and office

The external layers in Classic-Therm® panels intended for boards are galvanized sheets, varnished as required (chalkboard, magnetic board, magnetic dry-wipe board). The inner layer is XPS foam. We make every effort to ensure that the panels we offer for office boards are a carefully selected, proven, reliable product that meets the expectations of the most demanding customers. Offered by Ostrowski Sp. z o.o. whiteboards are the highest quality products that are used especially in schools and offices. They are made of high-quality materials, which makes them extremely permanently and durable. Our offer includes chalk boards, which are available in green and black. This type of boards is very popular in schools and other educational institutions. Dry-wipe boards are products that are most often chosen by offices where various training courses are conducted. The main material used in the production of the boards is the magnetic plate we manufacture. On the other hand, the dry-erase surface allows you to write with markers and remove information with a dry cloth or sponge. Both dry-wipe and chalk boards are available in two widths: 1000 and 1200 mm. This means that everyone will find a board tailored to their needs.


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