Classic-Therm® Markerboard

External layer - Markerboard sandwich panel

The panel is intended for whiteboards, for writing with dry-erase markers. Thanks to a special coating, you can easily erase the inscriptions with a regular sponge or cloth.

Inner layer - XPS core

– extruded polystyrene – hard foam without CFCs
– thermal conductivity group 035
-compressive strength 0.30 N / mm2 according to DIN 53421
– water absorption after 28 days <0.7% according to PN-EN 12087 + A1
– flammability class E
– apparent density 30-33 kg / m3
– temperature range -60 / + 70 ° C

Standard formats

width: 1000, 1200 mm
length: to 3100 mm

Panel thickness

from 4 mm


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Classic-Therm® Dry-wipe whiteboards

Whiteboards are very practical and functional. They are used in offices, conference rooms and schools. The white surface of the board provides good contrast and allows the use of colored markers, which in many cases turns out to be useful. Ostrowski Classic-Therm® dry-wipe boards are distinguished by high quality and durability. Thanks to the use of special coatings, they keep their color unchanged for a long time and do not become discolored. The smooth surface allows you to easily wipe off special felt-tip pens without absorbing the color. In addition, Classic -Therm® dry-erase whiteboards allow the use of magnets, which increases their functionality and allows for versatile use during lectures, training sessions, lessons, meetings or business meetings.

Markerboards Producer Ostrowski – dimensions

Our magnetic dry erase boards are available in two widths: 1000 and 1200 mm. The board length is 3100 mm and the standard thickness is minimum 4 mm.