Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses Tiny houses. Just a few years ago, modular construction in Poland was associated mainly with catering and commercial outlets, and today they have become competition for traditional construction, especially since in Poland it is not necessary to have a building permit. Currently, a group of enthusiasts of small houses on wheels is growing in Europe and Poland. They are gaining popularity the fastest in Germany, France and [...]

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Sanitary superstructures – sandwich panels

Sanitary superstructures - sandwich panels Sanitary superstructures - sandwich panels. Toilet trailer is a mobile sanitary solution with exceptional comfort of use. Sanitary trailers are suitable for company outdoor events, street festivals, open-air concerts or construction sites. In addition, toilet trailers are easy to transport, easy to maneuver and precisely positioned. As a producer of sandwich panels, we observe the market and we notice that manufacturers of sanitary cabinets are [...]

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Panels for trade superstuctures

Panels for trade superstuctures Panels for trade superstuctures. A sandwich panel for catering is a very important element of the entire structure. The walls of trade superstructures are made of sandwich panels with a polyester-glass laminate as well as rigid elements of polypropylene cellular panels (polypropylene honeycomb). The boards are light, resistant to mechanical, weather and moisture conditions. Ceiling elements, on the other hand, protect the interior from heating up. [...]

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Plates with self-adhesive glue

Plates with self-adhesive glue Plates with self-adhesive glue Classic-Therm® PSP  are particularly popular among our customers and their composition includes XPS extruded polystyrene covered on both sides with a special adhesive film - self-adhesive with silicone paper on the top layer. The PSP self-adhesive panel is available in many thicknesses and dimensions, and its structure allows the product to be used in many industries according to the individual creativity [...]

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External door fillings – cores

External door fillings – cores External door fillings – cores. Currently, the most commonly produced on the market are external doors made of HPL, aluminum, PVC, steel or wooden with a filling of various types of cores. What are the types of core of door panels? XPS panels (the material we recommend) are made of expanded polystyrene, thanks to which they have very good parameters in terms of thermal insulation. [...]

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Glass fibre polyester laminate

Glass-fibre polyester laminate Glass fibre polyester laminates - rules Laminate - a type of composites: plastics made of combining two materials with different mechanical, physical and technological properties, in which the reinforcing component (the so-called reinforcement) is laid in the form of layers (Latin: lamina - thin plate - hence the name of laminates), between which there is a filling that is a binder. Polyester laminate – construction The most [...]

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PUR Polyurethane board

PUR Polyurethane board PUR polyurethane board - Polyurethane foam - history Polyurethane foam was developed by the German chemist Otto Bayer in the late 1930s. Interestingly, in the beginning, the foam was applied in a railroad car with a leaky roof and has survived for many years, which attracted the attention of scientists. Initially, the material was used by mixing it in a container, which was ineffective and limited its [...]

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Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels Sandwich panels for building car bodies and trailers Classic-Therm® GFK composite panels are characterized by high stiffness and strength, and at the same time they are light. They can be produced in large formats (up to 7000 x 2500 mm), which effectively eliminates the occurrence of thermal bridges and panel joints. Thanks to these features, Classic-Therm® GFK panels are used for building car bodies, catering trailers, sanitary trailers, [...]

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Foam PVC board/hard PVC

Foam PVC board Foam PVC board. This material is successfully used in window and door joinery as PVC door fillings. Furthermore boards made of foamed polyvinyl chloride are used in e.g. the advertising industry. Cladding external ones are made of PVC, which has been subjected to the free foaming technique. The product is characterized by lightness, but resistance to weather conditions. It is not damaged by low temperatures, sunlight [...]

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Cargo trailers

Cargo trailers Cargo trailers can be divided into open and enclosed trailers. In this article, let’s focus on the enclosed. Enclosed trailers include trailers with tarpaulins, containers, refrigerators, isotherms, trailers for livestock, caravans, catering trailers, social trailers, cargo trailers and vans . Below we will describe a few selected types of trailers and their construction. Closed box trailers Closed box trailers with a sandwich type body, where the walls and [...]

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