Air Handling Unit Walls

Air Handling Unit  Walls Air Handling Unit Walls. The modern walls of air handling units are filled with a multi-layer sandwich panel. The top side of the panels for the construction of air handling units consists of raw or painted galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel or aluminum. The production includes sandwich panels with XPS extruded polystyrene or PUR foam core. The type of material and the coating used depend [...]

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Anti-theft door panel

Anti-theft door panel Anti-theft door panel. Our Classic-Therm® door panels can be equipped with a special insert - a standard aluminum plate with a thickness of 1.0 mm, but at the customer's request it is possible to insert an aluminum plate with a thickness of 1.5 / 2.0 / 3.0 mm. The aluminum insert significantly affects the property which is resistance to damage or puncture, and thus improves the [...]

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Polypropylene Honeycomb Sandwich Panels

Polypropylene Honeycomb Sandwich panels. Composite polypropylene panels - application Polypropylene Honeycomb Sandwich Panels. Honeycomb polypropylene is a type of cellular polypropylene, from which plates are produced in the extrusion process, they are mainly used for the production of superstructures for trucks, vans, container structures, structural and furniture elements, yachts or swimming pools. However, there are many more applications and their number is growing every year due to the development of [...]

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Gray Anthracite Sandwich Panel Anthrazitgrau

Gray Anthracite sandwich panel Anthrazitgrau Our Classic-Therm® HPL sandwich panels are mainly used as door panels. The Classic-Therm® HPL sandwich panel in the color Anthracite Gray (Anthrazitgrau), number 7016.05-167 from the Renolit pattern book, is very popular. The external layers in this case are HPL laminate. This material is a highly durable and easy-to-clean product. It is also used in interiors, as well as on top surfaces. Ideally suited as [...]

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Panels for Door Production

Panels for door production Panels for door production. Door plates. Door fillings - types and recommendations Paper honeycomb - the least resistant to damage structure. The honeycomb is a properly formed contribution made of ordinary cardboard, which is stabilized by the hexagonal structure. The doors made in this way are characterized by low weight, and their main advantage is low price. However, doors made with this method are not [...]

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Self-adhesive foam sandwichelement

Self-adhesive foam sandwichelement Self-adhesive foam sandwichelement. Classic-Therm® PSP self-adhesive foam is a self-adhesive panel made of XPS coated on both sides or on one side with a special glue, available in various thicknesses. The adhesive surfaces are protected with silicone paper. The inner layer is an XPS core (extruded polystyrene - CFC-free hard foam), which maintains long-lasting properties. XPS products produced in this way are characterized by a very low [...]

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Panels for doors

Panels for doors Panels for doors - as a manufacturer of door fillings, the company Ostrowski Sp. z o.o. produces door sandwich panels in many different variants. You will find products such as aluminum door panels, HPL door panels, PVC door panels or light plywood door panels. Sandwich panels have fillings according to the customer's needs, who can choose a core made of high-quality extruded polystyrene (XPS) - which we [...]

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Sandwich panel Producer

Sandwich panel - producer - Door fillings Sandwich panel Producer. Door fillings are door panels made of panels with various types of facings and fillings. The materials used in the production of the sandwich panel are selected depending on the future use of the product. Our product offer includes, among others, PVC sandwich panels, HPL sandwich panels, aluminum door fillings, soundproofing panels, anti-burglary panels, panels finished with sheet metal [...]

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Door fillings. Sandwich panels and their purpose.

Door fillings. Sandwich panels and their purpose. Door fillings (our sandwich panels) are available in various versions and thicknesses, and their structure varies depending on their purpose. The multitude of fillings, linings and inserts (ALU, dB33, dB 38) means that they can be adapted to the specific requirements of even the most demanding customer. Contractors in Europe appreciate our boards for their versatile application possibilities, outstanding material properties and [...]

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Sandwich panels Manufacturer

Sandwich panels manufacturer Sandwich panels manufacturer. Ostrowski Sp. z o.o. is a company that can pride itself on a long tradition. We have extensive experience in the production of sandwich panels used as bodywork of trailers and trucks. We also produce door fillings, windows frame extensions, advertising panels, garden sandwich panels and air handling units panels. Years of functioning in the industry as a producer of sandwich panels have meant [...]

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