Foam PVC board

Foam PVC board. This material is successfully used in window and door joinery as PVC door fillings. Furthermore boards made of foamed polyvinyl chloride are used in e.g. the advertising industry. Cladding external ones are made of PVC, which has been subjected to the free foaming technique. The product is characterized by lightness, but resistance to weather conditions. It is not damaged by low temperatures, sunlight or rainfall. The material is perfect for printing. Thanks to this, the plate is successfully used in design or large-size advertising. It is also used to make stands, signboards, information signs, tables and boards. It can also be used to create letters and elements used at exhibition stands. The board can be easily processed.

Hard PVC boards

Hard PVC sheets are heavier and harder than foamed PVC and therefore also many times stiffer and keep their shape to a greater extent. An important attribute of hard PVC boards is their high chemical resistance, compressive strength, electrical insulation and machining accuracy. These properties and the good price – performance ratio of the material make that PVC sheets are widely used in mechanical and electrical engineering. We also see the material widely used in construction. For example, PVC sheets are perfect for both facade applications, door fillings as well as insulation or filling strips. PVC is easy to process:
using appropriate tools, it can be sawed, cut and drilled. PVC also accepts paint or glue without any problems, although the latter can only be done using special adhesives.

Hard PVC or maybe foamed PVC ?

The mentioned materials have very good properties. They are not harmed by weather conditions, chemicals, also the boards do not corrode and are flame retardant. Nevertheless, the hard PVC is slightly better than the foamed version in terms of technical parameters. It is more flexible, more resistant and has a higher density than it. As a result, it has good insulating properties, does not conduct heat and is less susceptible to damage caused by a strong impact. Moreover, due to its plasticity, it can be easily processed not only mechanically, but also thermally. In turn, foamed PVC is soundproof and is a better substrate for printing, foil application or varnishing. Each of the PVC in question can be cut with a guillotine, glued, threaded, hot bent, milled, die-cut, vacuum formed and can be digitally and screen printed. Foam PVC board.

PVC door fillings and more

Classic-Therm® sandwich panels, used as door fillings, are available in various versions and thicknesses, and their construction varies depending on their intended use. The multitude of fillings, linings (including PVC, HPL) and inserts (ALU, dB, dBx2) make it possible to adapt them to the specific requirements of even the most demanding customer. Contractors all over Europe appreciate our boards for their versatile application possibilities, material properties and the ability to be easily and quickly processed. A very wide range of products enables the selection of a product according to various types of construction styles and investors’ tastes.

As a manufacturer of sandwich panels, our offer includes products characterized not only by high-quality workmanship, but also by extraordinary durability and functionality. We also offer the production of sandwich panels made to special customer orders. If you have any questions, please contact us directly – CONTACT

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