Cargo trailers

Cargo trailers can be divided into open and enclosed trailers. In this article, let’s focus on the enclosed. Enclosed trailers include trailers with tarpaulins, containers, refrigerators, isotherms, trailers for livestock, caravans, catering trailers, social trailers, cargo trailers and vans .

Below we will describe a few selected types of trailers and their construction.

Closed box trailers

Closed box trailers with a sandwich type body, where the walls and roofs are filled with XPS extruded polystyrene, which constitutes a barrier with very good insulation parameters.Our production includes Classic-Therm® GFK sandwich panels for this type of implementation. Cargo trailers and vans are used to transport various types of goods, also sensitive to temperature changes. Internal and external sheathing made of polyester glass laminate provides a homogeneous flat surface suitable for the application of advertising media (e.g. self-adhesive films).

Specialists trailers and their superstructures

The light structures are made in modern sandwich panel technology, where the outer and inner coating is made of polyester-glass laminate. On the basis of this technology, specialized bodies and trailers are created, such as: technical buildings, gastronomic and trunk buildings, tourist and sports facilities, and social trailers.

Animal trailers

Animal trailers construction is based on similar principles and meets all standards, which are designed to reduce the stress of animals and provide them with the maximum level of safety. Classic-Therm® GFK panels are made of an outer layer which usually consists of polyester-glass laminates with a high glass content. Laminates may vary in structure and properties. As standard, the embedded fiberglass mesh is visible on the laminate but we also use Highloss laminate with a high gloss or an impact-resistant laminate with an effective structure Stucco, that is why plates for horse trailers can be varied in terms of not only appearance but also technical parameters


These are typical caravans with a full roof and hard walls made of GFK. Depending on the size, they are available with a single or a tandem axle. This is the most popular type of caravan found in Europe. The basis is a rigid, tight body and the necessary equipment of such a trailer. The trailer should be equipped with a place to sleep and rest and simple furniture, allowing its users to store the necessary equipment and clothes. Floors, walls and doors are made of heat-insulating sandwich panels. This means that the heat transfer between inside and outside is significantly reduced. Recommended product for caravans are sandwich panels for bodies.

Catering trailers

A mobile gastronomic point is a good business idea. It can appear at any given time where there are crowds of customers thirsty to eat and drink. Usually, places such as festivals, matches, competitions, concerts, etc. are far from hypermarkets and other stores, which increases the turnover several times and allows for maximum profit margins. Catering trailers can also be placed permanently, e.g. in a very busy place, which can guarantee its regular profits. Our production includes sandwich panels for walls, panels for non-slip floors or panels for lightweight furniture. We know that when investing your capital, it is always worth it to cooperate with the best companies in the market, and we can boast of this opinion as a manufacturer of sandwich panels for bodywork.

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