Layer sealing installation

Layer sealing installation. The standard for window installation offered to investors is installation performed exclusively with the use of anchors and PUR foam. According to the current knowledge in the field of construction, this method of installation is insufficient to be considered correct. For example, Germany has known and used “warm installation” (system for windows ) technology for many years. In Poland, warm installation of windows is just gaining ground and it is getting better, which makes us very happy as a manufacturer!

The tightness of the window depends not only on the technical parameters of the joinery, but also on proper installation. Even the highest quality products, incorrectly installed, will not meet the assumed expectations of investors. What installation method should you choose so that our windows will last for many years?

Window profiles and their construction

Warm Ostrowski window profiles are nothing more than a sandwich panel glued, formatted and milled so that it can be easily connected to the PVC window frame with, for example, screws or glue. Thanks to our Profi-Therm extensions, it is possible to adjust the window frame to the assembly opening we found at the construction site,taking into account thermal and aesthetic benefits. In our extensions, extruded polystyrene (XPS) and hard, stiff, ecological PT foam with high density and very good insulation parameters with the possibility of screwing in were used as the core of the panel. Claddings are usually PVC plates on both sides (Profi-Therm PCV) and HPL plates (Profi-Therm HPL), aluminum plates (Profi-Therm ALU) or both sides plywood boards (Profi-Therm SK).

Warm assembly – benefits

Layered installation is to reduce thermal bridges and, as a result, reduce heating costs, improve the microclimate of rooms, and prevent mold blooms around the windows. According to specialists, the tightness of a joint made in this way is nearly two times greater than in the case of the traditional method using ordinary PUR foam. Layer sealing installation,

How to perform warm window installation?

Warm installation of windows should be carried out by a professional team. We do not hide that such a solution is more expensive than the traditional method of installing window joinery, but the subsequent reduced costs of heating a house or apartment will certainly be felt by our portfolio.

Profi-Therm window widenings

Ostrowski Profi-Therm window frames extensions are an excellent alternative and complement to standard system window extensions made of PVC. Profi-Therm window enlargements are manufactured and milled for a specific window system according to the customer’s order. Importantly, elements such as subliminal slats or sills have a high level of thermal insulation, which is usually missing in ordinary window extensions. The use of our elements allows for proper installation of windows and doors, ensuring their high rigidity, insulation, water resistance and aesthetics. In times of chasing energy efficiency, “warm installation” seems to be the perfect solution. It is an ideal solution for everyone looking for savings and energy efficiency.

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