Air Handling Unit  Walls

Air Handling Unit Walls. The modern walls of air handling units are filled with a multi-layer sandwich panel. The top side of the panels for the construction of air handling units consists of raw or painted galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel or aluminum. The production includes sandwich panels with XPS extruded polystyrene or PUR foam core. The type of material and the coating used depend on the purpose of the AHU. Air handling units’ casings are usually based on an aluminum frame. As a result, the air handling unit is light and durable. Steel skeletons are also used. The most popular are medium and high capacity air handling units. They are available as internal and external units, depending on the place of installation. Internal AHUs are installed in special rooms, while external AHUs are usually located on the roof.

Installation of ventilation – application

Air handling units are designed to serve residential, office, hospital and industrial buildings and rooms. Their main task, depending on the needs, is air exchange and treatment, i.e. heating, cooling, drying, humidifying, filtering and pressing.

Construction of air handling units and impact on health

Air quality has a significant impact on our health. Staying in closed rooms, we start to be bothered by: carbon dioxide, moisture, unpleasant odors, but also what we are not always aware of – dangerous chemical compounds that are emitted, among others, by carpets, panels, adhesives used to make infrastructure or other objects in our surroundings. By breathing, we emit carbon dioxide into the environment. It is a gas that is harmless to humans to a large extent, but when its concentration starts to exceed 0.1%, it clearly impairs our intellectual activities, which is manifested by a strong feeling of sleepiness and dementia.

Ventilation and removal of moisture from the air

Performing everyday household activities such as washing, cooking, washing as well as technological processes in production halls or public facilities (shopping centers, hotels) causes the water vapor content in the air to increase. Humans also emit water vapor into the air through breathing and sweating. This excessive amount of water vapor makes us feel worse, but it is not the main reason why we need to ventilate rooms. The reason is that a humid and warm environment favors the growth of mold fungi. These fungi produce toxins that can cause allergies, mycoses, respiratory diseases, and numerous diseases associated with the weakening of the immune system. Excessive air humidity will also have a destructive effect on home furnishings. Wooden parts in particular are very sensitive to air humidity. Air Handling Unit  Walls.

Recuperation and removal of condensation

Due to the processes taking place, the ventilation unit with heat recovery condenses the moisture. Hence, there was a need for an efficient and non-invasive method of removing water condensate that goes directly to a special container. It must be emptied until the tank is full or connected to the building’s sewage system. With the first option, this can be a problem on cold days when the water freezes. The producers, however, anticipated such a situation and enriched the devices with a defrosting system.

Air handling unit and its selection

The selection of the appropriate air handling unit with a recuperator for any investment is of key importance for the optimal operation of the entire system. When choosing air handling units, you should choose the appropriate device from the offers available on the market. You should then pay attention to the following parameters:
– weight of the device / air handling unit,
– noise generated by the AHU
– level of heat recovery
– power consumption
– costs and availability of air filters
– performance

Air handling unit – construction and purpose

The cover of air handling units, apart from durability, light weight and size, and meeting a number of technical requirements, should also be solidly constructed and constitute a kind of a showcase of the manufacturer. Standard air handling units are equipped with sandwich panels with galvanized steel sheet. In the case of air handling units intended for swimming pools (high humidity and air temperature) and hygienic air handling units (laboratories, production halls, hospitals), the walls of the air handling units consist of sandwich panels with stainless steel cladding.

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