Air Handling Unit Panels

Air handling unit panels are usually based on a skeleton made of aluminum profiles. As a result, the air handling unit is light and durable, but also steel frames are used. The walls of air handling units are filled with a multi-layer sandwich plate. The panels for the construction of air handling units from the outside consist of raw or varnished galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel or aluminum. The walls of the units are filled with sandwich panels with a core made of XPS extruded polystyrene or PUR foam. Type of material and coating used inside the device, depend on its application. Standard air handling units are equipped with a galvanized steel sheet inside. In the case of air handling units designed for swimming pools (high humidity and air temperature) and hygienic air handling units (laboratories, electronics production or assembly halls and hospitals), the covers of the device consists of stainless steel on the inside. Each element of the device has its own service access realized by means of removable inspection panels or doors. The casing of the air handling units, apart from durability, light weight and dimensions, and meeting a number of technical requirements (all processes related to the correct air flow take place inside it), should also be effective and constitute a specific showcase that allows for quick identification of the manufacturer.

Air handling unit – construction

Air handling units are intended for the service of residential, office, hospital and industrial buildings and rooms. Depending on the needs, they can heat, cool, filter and dry the air. In response to the needs of customers who expect devices of very good quality at a competitive price, manufacturers focused on versatility. Air handling units are usually offered in several variants in terms of offered functions and installation possibilities. Market launch of a variant that allows for independent selection of the input / output direction and on the casing during assembly, gives installers the opportunity to arrange and adapt the device even in very specific installation conditions.

Build over of air handling units

Energy-efficient construction, which has become a standard, not only in technical conditions, is characterized by good thermal insulation and, at the same time, air tightness, and therefore the problem of this insulation of buildings is adequate air exchange. At the stage of building an energy-saving, warm house, there is practically no question of any other effective ventilation than mechanical one. An air handling unit with heat recovery is therefore a synonym for a modern, energy-saving building with a healthy microclimate inside.

Sandwich panels for construction of air handling units – what you gain

Thanks to the use of a composite panel for Classic-Therm® air handling units intended for the construction of air handling units, the investor gains four most important values, such as: time, low weight of the product, stiffness and low water absorption of the panels.
Time: Thanks to the use of a sandwich panel, the assembly issue is to fill the profiles with the panel, and all the remaining manpower can be devoted to assembling the air handling units.
Weight: Due to the use of a light core in the form of XPS or PUR, the panel is lighter than a composite panel based, for example, on mineral wool.
Rigidity: Due to all layers being glued together, the panel gains exceptional stiffness in relation to its low weight.
Low water absorption: XPS foam is less than 0.7% of water absorption during long-term immersion.

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