Windows Frame Extensions Profi-Therm

Windows Frame extensions. Application.

The Ostrowski Company, as a producer of sandwich panels, deals with the production of warm window enlargements. Thermal widenings of Profi-Therm windows are an excellent alternative and complement to system extensions made of PVC. We can use them traditionally as the basis of the window frame and in the upper and side parts of the window. Our windows enlargements panels are also perfect for mounting possibility of roller-shutter boxes as an element facilitating their assembly. Additionally, it allows to avoid direct contact of the roller shutter mechanism with the interior of the rooms. This solution improves the thermal and acoustic parameters of such a structure.

Thermal window widenings and their construction

Warm window profiles – Ostrowski, is nothing more than a sandwich panel, formatted and milled so that it can be easily connected to the PVC window frame with, for example, screws or glue. Thanks to our extensions, it is possible to adjust the window frame to the assembly hole we found at the construction site, taking into account thermal and aesthetic benefits. In our extensions, extruded polystyrene (XPS) was used as the core of the panel and a hard, stiff thermoplastic and ecological PT foam with high density and very good insulation parameters with the possibility of screwing in screws. Claddings are usually PVC plates on both sides (Profi-Therm PCV) and HPL plates (Profi-Therm HPL), aluminum plates (Profi-Therm ALU) or plywood plates on both sides (Profi-Therm SK).

Warm Profi-Therm window strips and window widenings will avoid many assembly problems

Worth noticing, that work, such as dismantling windows, often results in a large difference in the dimensions of the window opening compared to new windows. A common practice in such a situation is to fill the gap between the frame of the new woodwork and the wall with pieces of polystyrene and foam. As we know, such action is inconsistent with the principles of proper joinery assembly. Thanks to the use of window enlargements, it is possible to obtain the correct dimension of the assembly gap. The use of extensions and threshold subbase will avoid a number of assembly and design problems. All our Profi-Therm window frame extension are manufactured and milled individually for a specific window system or a specific door threshold according to the investor’s order. The highest quality of Ostrowski sandwich panels and benefits such as a high level of thermal insulation or water resistance make it the best choice for investors who care about the quality of the investment and the time of its implementation.

Layer sealing installation and recycling – “warm installation” (system for windows)

Windows Frame Extensions. Ostrowski Sp. z o.o. as a company focused on ecology, it promotes products supporting environmental protection, introducing a product supporting the concept of sustainable construction in the form of a board based on a PT core. It is worth noting that the Profi-Therm window widenings, and more precisely their core, are largely made of hard, ecological PT foam produced from packaging waste. By observing the environmental needs of building and construction, policy makers at all levels can support the transformation of our green building goals by orienting them towards better energy efficiency and climate sustainability.

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