Types of panels

Classic-Therm® GFK stucco

Composite panels for the vehicle construction, where the core of the panel is extruded polystyrene (XPS). On the outer layers, Stucco, a polyester-glass laminate with high impact resistance with a “bubble” structure, was used. The plate is intended for superstructures of trailer bodies.

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Classic-Therm® GFK stucco HC

GFK sandwich panel for automotive industry with highly impact-resistant Stucco laminate – structure. Inner layer made of HC – polypropylene honeycomb. Sanwich panels for vehicle superstructures such as: catering trailers, cargo trailers, vans, campers, horse trailers, sanitary trailers, etc.

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Classic-Therm® GFK stucco PUR

Classic-Therm® GFK stucco PT

GFK sandwich panel with Stucco laminate. Impact resistant outer layer. The core of the board is PT foam with low weight and high mechanical strength 100% recycling. The plate is dedicated to the construction of various types of car bodies (construction of trailers, construction of delivery vans, sanitary facilities, etc.).

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Classic-Therm® GFK stucco EPS

Sandwich panel with the outer layer made of Stucco laminate. The core of the board is expanded polystyrene. Thanks to high resistance to impacts and weather conditions as well as low weight, it works well as all kinds of superstructures of trailers and cars.

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