Sandwich panels for horse trailers

Sandwich panels for horse trailers – A horse trailer is an essential element in the transport of animals. The construction of a horse trailer requires the use of the highest quality products. The plate for horse trailers of our production is just such an element, guaranteeing strength and exceptional stiffness at a low weight of the product.

Horse trailer composite panels

Production of sandwich panels and their purchase. The purchase of the horse trailer plate directly from the manufacturer gives many opportunities to the company which is the manufacturer of horse trailers. One of them is the ability to adjust the parameters of the sandwich panel so that all elements such as: insulated floor for the trailer, trailer walls, trailer roof are manufactured exactly according to the project sent by the ordering party and contained all the necessary inserts (wall reinforcements, hinges, locks or, for example, a conduit for electric wires).

Specialized sandwich panels – Classic-Therm® GFK

The Classic-Therm® GFK board is most often used to make all kinds of automotive superstructures. A wide selection of sandwich panels with different types of core allows for the right choice in relation to the planned investment. Our extensive offer as a manufacturer of sandwich panels includes products of high quality, characterized by extraordinary durability and functionality. GFK sandwich panels are made of an outer layer which usually consists of polyester-glass laminates with a high glass content. Laminates may differ in structure and properties. As a standard, the embedded glass fiber mesh is visible on the laminate, but we also use Highloss laminate with a high gloss or impact-resistant laminate with an attractive Stucco structure, therefore, horse trailer plates can be varied not only in terms of appearance, but also technical parameters. It is also worth mentioning the reinforced Powerlight laminates. The core of the board is made of extruded polystyrene XPS, polypropylene honeycomb (HCPP), innovative PT foam with low weight and high mechanical strength, or polyurethane foam (PUR). Everything is dictated by the client.

Sandwich plate and the animal transport market

Horse trailer sales are still growing, as is the horse trucks sector, but the sales of horse trucks are on a further sales position. When purchasing a horse trailer, the prices are lower, so most potential buyers decide to buy a horse trailer. Equestrian sport arouses more and more interest, which means that at the moment the demand exceeds the supply, therefore the market of trailers is constantly growing – which makes us very happy!

Horse truck construction 

One of the most durable trailer bodies is the metal alloy body. In this case, the horse trailer is quite resistant to all weather conditions, the body is long enough and also has a big drawback. The trailer is just heavy… Its weight is very high. Driving comfort with such a trailer is limited and affects both the vehicle (tug) shock absorption and the amount of fuel consumed. The second, quite common solution for building trailers is wood, reinforced with external varnish, it is lighter, unfortunately it is easier to damage it mechanically and it is less resistant to weather conditions. The third and best solution are sandwich panels for horse trailers. They are more resistant than wood and much lighter than metal, which makes them, apart from aluminum, the most popular material for building horse trailers, but also for body types:

cargo trailer
closed box trailers
social trailer
catering trailers
horse truck panels
container construction

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