Wall for truck body

Wall for truck body are usually made of sandwich panels, where the outer and inner layers are high-quality polyester-glass laminate in white and the filling, i.e. the core of the panel is XPS foam. This solution provides very good thermal insulation properties, i.e. low temperature losses, while maintaining a sufficiently low weight of the vehicle and high durability of the entire superstructure made of laminates.

Composite panels for truck bodies – laminate

The boards for trailer bodies, isotherms and cold rooms we offer meet high aesthetic standards. The outer surface of the boards (laminate) is resistant to UV rays and weather conditions as well as corrosion.
The laminate is hard, stable and has a low surface weight, it can have high-gloss surfaces – Highgloss, with an attractive structure – Stucco laminate, reinforced Powerlight laminate or the Standard version with a slightly visible embedded fiber mesh.

Insulated floor for trailer

Floors are the basic element of an isothermal or refrigerator type truck. Sandwich panels for floors made of high-quality materials offered by our company have a durable, non-slip, waterproof surface resistant to abrasion. The insulated floor for the trailer prevents heat transfer, and because it is covered with a non-slip layer, it ensures safe working conditions during loading and unloading.

Isothermal container – walls

The isotherm, unlike the cold store, has walls and doors that are thinner. Other equipment remains unchanged. The structure of the entire building makes it possible to replace a part of the sheathing in the event of damage without losing the quality and insulation properties of the isotherm. The isothermal superstructure can be equipped with additional elements of the side door, a bulkhead wall, a shelf for the aggregate, a PVC curtain, strips for securing the load, etc.

Isotherm panels – the heat transfer coefficient U

One of the most important parameters is the heat transfer coefficient, marked with the letter K and described as W [W / (m2 * K)]. It determines the amount of heat flow through the unit area of a certain thermal partition. On its basis, heat losses can be determined separately for a certain partition. The lower the coefficient value, the better the insulation level. The thermal conductivity coefficient (the so-called lambda) expressed by the Greek letter λ is one of the basic features of insulation products, including such as e.g. thermal insulation board.

Cold rooms and isotherms and Classic-Therm® panels.

The length of the distance to be traveled and the type of transported products are of great importance when choosing a truck body / trailer body. Cold rooms are suitable for long, time-consuming routes. However, isotherms are ideal for short and medium distances. It all depends on the individual needs of the entrepreneur. The temperature in the container in the range from 0º to 15ºC makes it possible to transport vegetables, fruit, cold cuts, but also pharmaceuticals and industrial products.

Classic-Therm®GFK sandwich panels are also used in superstructures as:

catering trailers
isothermal container
cargo trailers
closed box trailers
social trailer
containers superstructures

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