Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels for building car bodies and trailers

Classic-Therm® GFK composite panels are characterized by high stiffness and strength, and at the same time they are light. They can be produced in large formats (up to 7000 x 2500 mm), which effectively eliminates the occurrence of thermal bridges and panel joints. Thanks to these features, Classic-Therm® GFK panels are used for building car bodies, catering trailers, sanitary trailers, containers, isotherms, cargo trailers, social trailers, container structures, cold stores, caravans, small catering vehicles, food trucks and also for horse transport vehicle bodies or horse trailers. Thanks to the use of a weather-resistant, hard polyester-glass laminate, the boards are easy to keep clean and, in case of damage, they are easy to repair, and are characterized by high stability and very good thermal insulation properties. Bodywork panels are used as walls, doors and as a floor sandwich panel.

Door fillings – sandwich panels

The Classic-Therm® door filling is made of sandwich panels with various types of cladding and fillings. The product offer includes, among others: HPL laminate panels, PVC door panels, aluminum door panels, sheets finished with steel or sandwich panels made of plywood on both sides. The door panel determines the unique character, appearance and properties of the door. The door filling is a decorative element embedded or installed in the door leaf, influencing the visual effect and functional properties. The door panels are not only to look good and give the building a unique character, but also increase the functionality of the door.

Advertising sandwich panel – foam plates for printing

The main use of Viscom plates is, of course, advertising. Due to the ease of applying UV printing and various types of foil, Classic-Viscom plates are ideal for large-format printing, signs, advertising stands, exhibition stands, mock-ups or spatial letters. Very often, at all kinds of fairs, stands made of Viscom boards are found, because it is a very popular and easy-to-assemble solution. However, these are not the only ways in which Classic-Viscom plates can be used. They can make not only an advertisement, but also an information carrier or a signboard element.

Specialized sandwich panels

The production of specialized sandwich panels includes panels such as:
– window extensions
– plates for the installation of air handling units
– panels for building winter gardens

Classic-Therm® window extensions are an excellent alternative and complement to standard system extensions for PVC windows. The use of such elements allows for proper installation of windows and doors, ensuring their high rigidity, insulation, water resistance and aesthetics. On the other hand, the panels for the installation of air handling units from the outside consist of raw or varnished galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel or aluminum. The walls of the units are filled with sandwich panels with a core made of XPS extruded polystyrene or PUR foam. The type of material and the cladding used depend on its intended use.

Another product mentioned above is the Classic-Therm® garden sandwich panels, which can have a different structure and thickness adjusted to a specific window system. In the case of the Classic-Therm® ALU COLOR panel, the outer layers are made of a raw or varnished aluminum plate according to the RAL palette. Classic-Therm® PVC sandwich panel has PVC facings on both sides. Another proposal is a GFK sandwich panel, where we used polyester-glass laminate on the outer layers. If we want to make the garden more attractive and take care of the aesthetics, a sandwich panel with HPL cladding covered with foil according to the Renolit, Continental (Hornschuch) or Cova sample-card.

As a manufacturer of sandwich panels, our offer includes products characterized not only by high-quality workmanship, but also by extraordinary durability and functionality. We also offer the production of sandwich panels made to special customer orders. If you have any questions, please contact us directly – CONTACT

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