Plates with self-adhesive glue

Plates with self-adhesive glue Classic-Therm® PSP  are particularly popular among our customers and their composition includes XPS extruded polystyrene covered on both sides with a special adhesive film – self-adhesive with silicone paper on the top layer.

The PSP self-adhesive panel is available in many thicknesses and dimensions, and its structure allows the product to be used in many industries according to the individual creativity of the customer, including as: door and gate fillings, inter-window fillings in window casings, fillings for partition walls, building halls, stands and offices. Self-adhesive foam with a layer of strong glue, has very good insulating properties. The material does not absorb moisture, is resistant to chemicals, flame-retardant, self-extinguishing, temperature-resistant, creates an acoustic barrier and thermally insulates.

Sandwich panels with XPS and EPS – comparison of fillings

Sandwich panels based on XPS are an alternative solution to EPS panels, i.e. styrofoam. XPS extruded polystyrene is characterized by lower water absorption, better thermal parameters and greater resistance to loads. Expanded polystyrene is much less resistant, e.g. permanent moisture. Polystyrene is four times more resistant to pressure. EPS and XPS boards have similar applications, but in some cases extruded polystyrene is preferred. Expanded polystyrene is a cheaper solution, but its parameters are lower than that of XPS boards. XPS is also an alternative to mineral wool and other thermal insulation materials. It is especially recommended for difficult, demanding conditions. This is not only an effective way to insulate, but also protects against moisture.

XPS-based self-adhesive foam – recycling

Extruded polystyrene can be fully recycled – so you do not have to worry, for example, that when you throw away excess material, you will contribute to irreversible littering of the environment. This is good news for those who care about the safety of the planet. The ecological properties of this material will surely convince conscious users.

XPS and self-extinguishing properties

XPS foam is self-extinguishing. This means that the material does not support the fire, and in the case of very high temperatures, it melts and becomes charred, and after removing the source of the fire, it goes out. An interesting fact is that when manufacturing XPS boards, manufacturers add a flame retardant component to them. This means that in the event of a fire, the ignition of styrodur takes longer, which significantly increases the level of safety and increases the chances of a successful evacuation.

Ostrowski Sp. z o.o. – producer of sandwich panels

For over 25 years, our company has been producing sandwich panels, and thanks to the domestic and international network of distributors, we quickly and efficiently deliver products to a wide range of customers throughout Europe. Classic-Therm® sandwich panels are manufactured by combining several flat elements with different parameters in an appropriate technology. The fillings are, inter alia, XPS extruded polystyrene of different thickness, PUR (polyurethane foam), PET foam or HC core (polypropylene honeycomb). The claddings used in the production of panels in the form of raw materials include: polyester-glass laminate, PVC, HPL laminates, aluminum sheets, galvanized sheets, wood-plywood, form a sandwich panel used in various industries. These boards are characterized by high stiffness and very low weight. Plates with self-adhesive glue.

In the joinery industry, we offer several functional solutions, varied in terms of the board structure, type of filling and the expected function. We also offer the production of sandwich panels made to special customer orders.

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