Panels for trade superstuctures

Panels for trade superstuctures. A sandwich panel for catering is a very important element of the entire structure. The walls of trade superstructures are made of sandwich panels with a polyester-glass laminate as well as rigid elements of polypropylene cellular panels (polypropylene honeycomb). The boards are light, resistant to mechanical, weather and moisture conditions. Ceiling elements, on the other hand, protect the interior from heating up. It is all thanks to the XPS extruded polystyrene core.

Companies producing commercial bodies or catering trailers usually offer the design and implementation of a complete body made of a specific material, tailored to a specific car make and model. Among other elements of sandwich panels used for the superstructures there are, among others, non-slip floors, reinforcement inserts made of aluminum profiles, grommets for electric cables, flat bars for assembling aggregates, etc.

Gastronomy truck bodies – panels

Classic-Therm® GFK panels are intended for commercial superstructure. Their thickness, stiffness, ease of processing and, above all, low weight make them one of the best materials for the construction of mobile gastronomy. The polyester-glass laminate that forms the outer layer of the board is extremely durable, resistant to UV radiation and easy to clean.

The outer surface of the board can be varnished or covered with advertising graphics, which, as you can see on catering vehicles, largely serves to attract a potential customer to the culinary offer of a mobile kitchen. Panels for catering trailers and food trucks are approved for contact with food, and their core is an extremely light XPS (extruded polystyrene) core with excellent thermal parameters, low water absorption and self-extinguishing properties.

A plate for trade superstructures and the heat transfer coefficient U

One of the most important parameters of the boards is the heat transfer coefficient, denoted by the letter K and expressed in W [W / (m2 * K)]. It determines the amount of heat flow through the unit area of a specific thermal partition. On its basis, heat losses can be determined separately for a specific partition. The lower the coefficient value, the better the insulation level. The thermal conductivity coefficient (the so-called lambda), defined by the Greek letter λ, is one of the basic features of insulation products, including such as e.g. a thermal insulation board. Panels for trade superstuctures.

As a manufacturer of sandwich panels, our offer includes products characterized not only by high-quality workmanship, but also durability and functionality. We also offer the production of sandwich panels made to special customer orders.

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