Sanitary superstructures – sandwich panels

Sanitary superstructures – sandwich panels. Toilet trailer is a mobile sanitary solution with exceptional comfort of use. Sanitary trailers are suitable for company outdoor events, street festivals, open-air concerts or construction sites. In addition, toilet trailers are easy to transport, easy to maneuver and precisely positioned. As a producer of sandwich panels, we observe the market and we notice that manufacturers of sanitary cabinets are trying to make their products better and better, and the high quality is to make the visit to the toilet as pleasant as possible.

Classic-Therm®GFK boards for sanitary trailers developments

The producer of sandwich panels – Ostrowski Sp. z o.o., offers sandwich panels based on various cores – fillings. We produce panels with fillings such as: XPS, PUR, polypropylene honeycomb (HC) or a modern solution in the form of ecological PT foam produced from packaging waste.

Sandwich panels – cladding

The Classic-Therm®GFK panels we offer meet high aesthetic standards. The outer surface of the boards, i.e. polyester-glass laminate, is resistant to UV rays and weather conditions as well as corrosion. Laminate is hard, stable and has a low weight per unit area. It can have high gloss surfaces – Highgloss, with an attractive structure – Stucco laminate, usually used inside, reinforced Powerlight laminate or the Standard version with a slightly visible embedded fiberglass mesh.

Sanitary supertructures – equipment

Companies producing sanitary trailers try to ensure that the interior development and materials used in the construction of the trailer guarantee easy cleaning with little effort. The trailers include, among others a toilet, urinal, washbasin, own clean water tank, dirty water tank, electric power from own solar panels, toilet bowl with automatic flushing or a washbasin faucet with a time system controlling the amount of water used. The division of the caravan into a female and a male part guarantees comfort, freedom and intimacy, so desired, especially in field conditions.

High-quality sandwich panels

We know that when investing your capital, it is always worth cooperating with the best companies on the market, and we can boast of such an opinion as a manufacturer of sandwich panels intended for superstructures. Due to their features, sandwich panels provide long years of use and resistance to mechanical damage. Our boards are an ideal material not only for built over sanitary facilities or mobile toilets, but also for development of delivery vans, cargo trailers, catering trailers or bodywork.

As a manufacturer of sandwich panels, our offer includes products characterized not only by high-quality workmanship, but also durability and functionality. We also offer the production of sandwich panels made to special customer orders.

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