Tiny Houses

Tiny houses. Just a few years ago, modular construction in Poland was associated mainly with catering and commercial outlets, and today they have become competition for traditional construction, especially since in Poland it is not necessary to have a building permit. Currently, a group of enthusiasts of small houses on wheels is growing in Europe and Poland. They are gaining popularity the fastest in Germany, France and the Netherlands. Interestingly, the construction of Tiny Houses can be completed even in a few weeks and nothing prevents them from becoming a year-round variant, under the condition, that we will use high-quality materials for their construction and pay great attention to wall insulation, tightness and reliability of external partitions. Classic-Therm® panels are very well suited for Tiny Houses development. Their adjusted thickness, stiffness, ease of processing and, above all, low weight make them a recommended material for the construction of mobile homes. In HPL boards, the laminate that forms the outer layer of the board is extremely durable, resistant to UV radiation and easy to clean, while PVC sandwich panels can be used as an insulating layer that is easy to process.

The production stage must also include self-adhesive foam – Classic-Therm®PSP with double-sided adhesive. Foams produced in various thicknesses can significantly speed up the Tiny House production stage and improve thermal insulation parameters. Elements of the ceiling structure, on the other hand, protect the interior from heating up. The core of the XPS extruded polystyrene panel is responsible for this. Sandwich panels for Tiny House and mobile homes of our production are a modern solution that allows you to avoid later problems resulting from the use of your dream house. Classic-Therm® panels provide excellent thermal insulation, and thus, a comfortable temperature inside and, what is important, sound attenuation (acoustic insulation) from the environment. Classic-Therm® sandwich panels can have a different structure and thickness adapted to the specific design of the house.

Tiny Houses – history

Mobile construction has a long history. However, the phenomenon of the tiny house as we know it today has its roots in the USA, where it has been dynamically developing for over 10 years. It was a response to a series of events that shook the American housing market. For decades, Americans have been building larger and larger houses (in 2007, the average size of an American single-family home was as much as 230 m2) The financial crisis of 2007-2008 and the collapse of the real estate market and disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, which devastated the southern states, caused many people to lose their homes. Pioneers appeared at that time, who built the first tiny houses for permanent residence. They inspired more and more people, and thousands of people have chosen this lifestyle over the last few years.

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