Glass-fibre polyester laminate

Glass fibre polyester laminates – rules

Laminate – a type of composites: plastics made of combining two materials with different mechanical, physical and technological properties, in which the reinforcing component (the so-called reinforcement) is laid in the form of layers (Latin: lamina – thin plate – hence the name of laminates), between which there is a filling that is a binder.

Polyester laminate – construction

The most important building component for polyester-glass laminates is glass fiber. It is a silica-based fiber with the addition of alloy materials and fluxes, depending on the requirements, the fiber can be produced from recycled glass, i.e. bottles, and more durable borosilicate glasses. After melting the ingredients at high temperature, the liquid is forced through the platinum sleeves and cooled very quickly so that the mass does not crystallize but is vitrified.

Sandwich panels based on polyester-glass laminate

The Classic-Therm®GFK sandwich panels for building truck bodies, trailers bodies, caravan and mobile home industry we offer meet high aesthetic standards. The outer surface of the boards, i.e. the aforementioned laminate, is resistant to UV rays and weather conditions as well as corrosion. The laminate is hard, stable and has a low weight per unit area. It can have high-gloss surfaces – Highgloss, with an attractive structure – Stucco laminate, used inside, reinforced Powerlight laminate or the Standard version with a slightly visible embedded fiberglass mesh.

Sandwich panels are used, among others, for:
superstructures of closed, container and insulated automotive bodies
caravan sector
commercial vehicle sector
specialized superstructure of automotive vehicles
superstructures of vans
superstructures for cooling, isothermal and freezer bodies
motorhome superstructures
superstructures for cargo trailers, trailers for transporting animals
production of vans (foodtrucks, mobile stores)
construction of railway carriages
in interior design
boat construction

Below are some of the glass-fibre polyester-laminate properties:
high mechanical strength
high resistance to weather conditions
high surface hardness
resistance to dirt
chemical resistance
tensile strength

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