Gray Anthracite sandwich panel Anthrazitgrau

Our Classic-Therm® HPL sandwich panels are mainly used as door panels. The Classic-Therm® HPL sandwich panel in the color Anthracite Gray (Anthrazitgrau), number 7016.05-167 from the Renolit pattern book, is very popular. The external layers in this case are HPL laminate. This material is a highly durable and easy-to-clean product. It is also used in interiors, as well as on top surfaces. Ideally suited as an outer layer in the aforementioned door fillings. It is also used for the production of wall finishing elements in public utility buildings, in means of transport (trains, buses) and as a decorative surface for door panels. In the furniture industry, HPL laminate is used, among others as a material for the production of kitchen worktops or furniture fronts.

HPL laminate – construction

HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is a thermo-hardening material made of many layers of paper, combined under high pressure and temperature conditions. The top layer is a special outer coating that makes the surface highly resistant. It protects the middle layer, i.e. decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin, based on paper impregnated with a phenolic layer.

HPL door panels and colors

HPL laminates are characterized by a wide range of patterns and colors tailored to customer requirements. Particularly noteworthy are such colors as the aforementioned Gray Anthracite (Anthrazitgrau) Renolit 7016.05-167 sandwich panel, Gray Anthracite (Anthrazitgrau) Hornschuch 436-7003, Golden Oak – Renolit 2178.001-167, Walnut (Nussbaum) Renolit 2178.007-167, Mahogany (Mahagoni) Renolit 2097.013-167, Sapelli Renolit 2065.021-167 or Dark Oak (Eiche Dunkel) Renolit 2052.089-167.

HPL laminate – properties

HPL laminates have high impact strength as well as high chemical resistance. They are easy to process (the possibility of cutting, drilling, cnc milling), which also affects the simple assembly of the product. The material is resistant to water, steam, UV radiation, rot and corrosion.

Sandwich panel made of HPL

Classic-Therm® HPL sandwich panels are made on the basis of a XPS (extruded polystyrene) core with a closed-cell structure, which is an excellent insulation material, resistant to moisture and frost. This core is characterized by high stiffness and compressive strength, which is why it is perfect for the joinery industry. Another type of core used is PUR foam – CFC-free macromolecular polyurethane foam with an apparent density of 40 kg / m3. Panels used as HPL door panels may have special inserts such as an aluminum insert (anti-burglary) or a dB insert (soundproofing). As a manufacturer of sandwich panels, our offer includes products characterized not only by high-quality workmanship, but also durability and functionality.

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