Composite panels for construction of catering trailers

Composite panels for trailers. Looking at how the food truck market is developing beyond our western border and in the USA, it can be said that this mobile gastronomy has great development potential in Poland. Catering outlets on wheels, such as catering trailers or catering cars, are quickly gaining their enthusiastic supporters in Poland. Mobile kitchens are built on various types of vans such as a platform, chest, etc. With the help of sandwich panels, you can make a superstructure fully prepared for work in gastronomy or trade, regardless of the brand or model of a car or trailer. The construction of the superstructure is adapted to the technical parameters of the vehicle. Currently on the market we can observe various types of vehicle car body superstructures . Food trucks, catering trailers, mobile kitchens are just some of them. They are made of various materials, but sandwich panels for bodywork are worth attention.

Specialized panels – sandwich panel type

Specialized sandwich panels are ideal for this type of mobile construction. Their thickness, stiffness, ease of processing and, above all, low weight make them one of the best materials for the construction of mobile catering. The polyester-glass laminate that forms the outer layer of the board is extremely durable, resistant to UV radiation and easy to clean. The outer surface of the panel can be varnished or covered with advertising graphics, which can be seen on catering vehicles, which makes a potential customer interested in the culinary offer of a mobile kitchen. Composite panels for trailers and food trucks are approved for contact with food, and their inner layer is an exceptionally light XPS (extruded polystyrene) core with excellent thermal parameters and low water absorption. Food trucks are present at virtually every major music, sports or cultural event, both at large festivals and local festivals. The offer of mobile kitchens includes not only classic dishes typical of this branch of gastronomy, such as: burgers, pizza, kebab, sausages in car mini restaurants, you can recently try Thai ice cream and drink freshly brewed coffee.

So far in Poland, food trucks are usually owned by single entrepreneurs. In the USA, however, mobile kitchens are now small mobile restaurants that serve very high quality food. Polish owners of food trucks are quickly catching up with Western competitors in terms of quality and variety of the offer, investing in better and better vehicles for gastronomy.
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