Sandwich panels for vehicle superstructures and composite panels for trucks

Sandwich panels for vehicle superstructures. The transport of food products and the transport of pharmaceuticals requires appropriate temperatures in order for the goods to be suitable for resale. There are various means of transport for this type of transport on the market. It includes, among others: cold stores and isotherms.

Cooling superstructures (cold store) – Plates

Cold stores are both – refrigerated rooms and vehicles. They are equipped with an individual mechanical cooling source (compressors). It is thanks to these devices that it is possible to cool the interior of such a cold store and maintain a low temperature inside the container. An integral part of the refrigerated vehicle is the refrigeration kit. Due to the fact that the temperature inside the container is maintained at the level of -20ºC to 15ºC, vegetables, fruit, ice cream, dairy products or frozen food can be transported. Refrigerated bodies are usually selected due to the need to cover a long distance and thus a long time with the possibility of full temperature control.

Isothermal superstructures (Isotherm) – Sandwich Panels

Floors, walls and doors are made of heat-insulating sandwich panels. This means that the heat exchange between its interior and its surroundings is largely limited.
A recommended product for isothermal superstructure are sandwich panels for automotive superstructures, consisting of a core, which is, among others XPS board (extruded polystyrene) and a durable, double-sided outer layer – in this case, they are various types of laminates (standard, powerlight, highgloss, stucco). Isotherms are usually chosen for short and medium-distance routes, especially when the transported products require protection against high or low temperatures and dust or dirt. The temperature in the container in the range from 0º to 15ºC makes it possible to transport vegetables, fruit, cold cuts, but also pharmaceuticals and industrial products.

Sandwich panels for construction on bodywork produced by our company are based on glass laminates, thanks to which they have the best protection parameters against damage. The isotherm and cold room panels we offer also meet high aesthetic standards. The outer surface of the panels is resistant to UV rays and other weather conditions. It can have high-gloss surfaces (Highgloss laminate), with an effective structure (Stucco laminate), reinforced (Powerlight laminate) or the best-known version with Standard laminate.

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