Sanitary structures and sandwich panels for their construction

Sanitary structures GRP Composite Panel. A mobile toilet unit, as a portable toilet, is primarily associated with large outdoor events, but this type of sanitary units also works well on construction sites, parking lots and in urban space, as a public toilet or a portable toilet for a plot.

Portable toilet – advantages

A portable toilet has many advantages, mainly due to the possibility of easy transport. The mobile toilet structure can not only be used in many places, but thanks to the materials it is made of, it allows maintaining high hygiene standards. Portable sanitary facilities do not require connection to the sewage system, so they can be placed anywhere.

Toilet superstructure – toilet cubicle made of sandwich panels

The structure of the toilet is made of multilayer panels with a laminate, which, thanks to their properties, allow maintaining high standards of usability. Classic-Therm GFK panels are ideal for this type of superstructure. The GRP composite panel is a lightweight board with high stiffness and high impact strength. Boards made of polyester laminate with glass fiber are also resistant to UV radiation.

Sanitary structures GRP Composite panel for the construction of a toilet

As a producer of sandwich panels, we offer GFK sandwich panels based on a different core (filling) according to customer needs. We offer fillings such as: XPS, PUR, polypropylene honeycomb (HCPP) or modern solutions in the form of ecological PT foam produced from packaging waste.
Due to their features, the panels provide long-term use and resistance to mechanical damage. GFK sandwich panels are an ideal material not only for the construction of sanitary facilities or portable toilets, but also for the construction of delivery vans, catering trailers and containers. The toilet structure made of sandwich panels has been appreciated all over Europe, and the trend in the production of this type of sanitary furniture is constantly growing.

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