Renolit Cremeweiss

Renolit Cremeweiss is a cream shade foil. It is one of the many offers of the Renolit brand – an international leader in the production of films and related products. The foil is made of high-quality plastic. The Renolit  film is made of a thermoplastic material, which means that it is moldable by stamping and injection at high temperature, followed by cooling to utility temperature.

The Renolit Cremeweiss foil is characterized by a multi-layered structure. The outer layer is resistant not only to dirt and pollution, but also to UV radiation. The colored pigments in the foil also reflect infrared rays, thanks to which the foil does not heat up so quickly. The Renolit Cremeweiss foil uses modern design. The combination of a uniform, cream color with embossing gives a very interesting effect. Renolit Cremeweiss foil has been developed in such a way as to retain its color after many years of use.

Renolit Cremeweiss – application

Patterns of sandwich panels present dozens of foil proposals that can become a decorative finish on many surfaces. The Renolit  foil can cover the door fillings and window enlargements we offer, but it will also work well as a veneer for furniture or household appliances. Thermoplastic foil is also used to seal roofs, underground structures and the edges of swimming pools. It is also used in the production of office supplies and products used in printing. The Cremeweiss foil is also used for wrapping vehicle interiors.

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