Viscom advertising panel and its practical application

Viscom advertising panel. The message that is designed to encourage you to buy various products or use some services is of course advertising. There are many ways to present this message effectively. One of them is the Viscom plate – a great medium for large-format prints, which will work in various situations. What kind? Check it out!

What is the Viscom advertising panel?

Viscom – is abbreviation of visual communication. The Viscom composite panel is therefore a sandwich-style sandwich panel with high-quality extruded polystyrene inside. According to the chosen application, different materials can be used for the outer cladding – for example foamed PVC, HPL-HD laminate or waterproof plywood. Viscom boards are characterized by low weight and exceptional stiffness, which makes them perfect as advertising media. The offer includes the following types of sandwich panels – Classic-Viscom PVCs, Classic-Viscom PVC, Classic-Viscom ALU, Classic-Viscom SKS and Classic-Viscom HPL-HD.

Viscom sandwich panel – application

The main use of Viscom plates is, of course, advertising. Due to the ease of applying UV printing and various types of foil, Classic-Viscom plates are ideal for large-format printing, signs, advertising stands, exhibition stands, mockups or spatial letters. Very often, at all kinds of fairs, stands made of Viscom boards are found, because it is a very popular, easy-to-assemble solution. However, these are not the only ways where Viscom plates can be used. They can be not only an advertisement, but also an information carrier or an element of a signboard. In fact, there is a wide range of situations in which this might work. Whenever you want to advertise a product or provide information on it, Viscom will be a great solution.

Advantages of the Viscom panel

The Viscom panel has many advantages that allow it to be used in many different areas. It is characterized by a high level of stiffness, with a very low weight, and resistance to weather conditions and moisture. Also, exceptional resistance to any mechanical damage is a guarantee of safety. Due to the smooth surface, optimal printing results can be achieved without any time limits. It is also worth paying attention to the print quality. Viscom sandwich panels surpass other known plastic surfaces in terms of their color, sharpness and contrast range. Exceptional durability, high quality and low weight are the key features that make Viscom boards superior to other advertising media.

So if you want to advertise your company, product or service, it is worth using a solution that allows you to create high-quality advertising. Resistance to weather conditions and scratches make it a durable product that can be used for many years. The Viscom panel is a modern solution on the advertising market that provides a wide spectrum for using their properties.

The offer includes the following proposals – sandwich panels of the Classic-Viscom PVCs, Classic-Viscom PVC, Classic-Viscom ALU, Classic-Viscom SKS and Classic-Viscom HPL-HD series.

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