Classic-Viscom SK – light plates for large format printing

Ostrowski’s offer includes SK large-format printing plates from the Classic-Viscom line. It is a product distinguished by special parameters, the panels are light and easy to processing. These are high-quality sandwich panels that are perfect as advertising boards.

Viscom SK – properties and application 

Classic-Viscom SK panels made of extruded polystyrene with a plywood layer are durable and waterproof, thanks to which they withstand the effects of external factors. Thanks to the use of thin walls, they are light and stiff. These boards are particularly easy to treatment. They can be cut, milled, suitable for printing, as well as painting and varnishing. They ensure high color durability and, while maintaining high printing standards, they allow to obtain a very good final result.

Outer layer – SK sandwich panel

On the outside, SK composite panels are covered with waterproof plywood, which has good strength properties and is an attractive printing base.

Inner layer – XPS

Classic-Viscom SK panels are made of extruded polystyrene, i.e. hard foam without CFCs. It is a durable material resistant to deformation. The solid inner layer makes the boards stiff despite their low weight and thickness. The temperature range in which they can be used is -60 / + 70 ° C. The compressive strength is 0.30 N / mm2 according to DIN 53421, and the water absorption after 28 days is <0.7% according to PN-EN 12087+. These are boards with E class flammability and 035 thermal conductivity group. Large-format printing plates.

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