Classic-Therm® PSP panel – properties and application

Self adhesive panel plate. Why the Classic-Therm® panel? Is PSP used as a door filler? It is an excellent sound insulation. The wide range of panel thicknesses allows the acoustic insulation to be adapted to the specification of the interior in which the door with this filling will be installed.

Standard plate formats and thickness

Classic-Therm® PSP panel is available in two standard formats: 2000 x 1000 mm and 3000 x 1000 mm. A wider choice concerns the thickness of the panel, as it can be in the range from 6 to 100 mm.

Self adhesive panel plate outer layer

The solvent-free glue was used in the production of the PSP outer layer, while the adhesive surfaces were covered with silicone. The outer layer of the Classic-Therm PSP panel works very well in difficult weather conditions, and also shows high resistance to aging. The temperature range in which the composite panel can be used may vary between -40 and 120 ° C, with the manufacturer indicating that the optimal temperature for this type of product is 20 ° C.

Inner layer – XPS

The outer layer of the Classic-Therm® PSP panel is made of extruded polystyrene, i.e. hard foam without CFCs. The temperature range over which the outer layer maintains its properties is -60 to 70 ° C. The board has a flammability class E. It belongs to the group of thermal conductivity 035, and its compressive strength is 0.30 N / mm2 according to DIN 53421. The internal layer is characterized by low water absorption, which remains at the level of <0.7% according to PN-EN 12087 + A1 after 28 days. The apparent density is 30-33 kg / m3.

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