Sandwich panel – producer – Door fillings

Sandwich panel Producer. Door fillings are door panels made of panels with various types of facings and fillings. The materials used in the production of the sandwich panel are selected depending on the future use of the product. Our product offer includes, among others, PVC sandwich panels, HPL sandwich panels, aluminum door fillings, soundproofing panels, anti-burglary panels, panels finished with sheet metal or plywood sandwich panels. As a manufacturer of door fillings, we make sure that each product is of the highest quality. The production includes door fillings such as Classic-Therm® PVC, Classic-Therm® HPL, Classic-Therm ALU, Classic-Therm® SK, differing in the external layer but also the type of filling (XPS or PUR) according to customer requirements. The type of the outer layer affects not only the appearance of the final product, but also its properties and, obviously, the price of the sandwich panel. HPL door panels are covered with a laminate on the top layer. We use Renolit, Continental (Hornschuch) or Cova laminates. They have different textures, colors and thicknesses. Those imitating wood and having a three-dimensional structure are hard to distinguish from veneers at first glance.

The offer includes:
door panels
HPL door panels
PVC sandwich panels
sandwich door panels
plates for the doors production

Manufacturer of sandwich panels – Window widenings

As a producer of sandwich panels, we produce so-called “warm window extensions”. Window enlargements for the bridging of lintels and pillars – Profi-Therm are an excellent alternative and complement to system extensions made of PVC. We can use them traditionally as the basis of the window frame and in the upper and side parts of the window. Sandwich panels for the window industry of our production are also perfect for building boxes for external roller shutters as an element facilitating their assembly. Additionally, it allows to avoid direct contact of the roller shutter mechanism with the interior of the rooms. This solution improves the thermal and acoustic parameters of such a structure.

The production of panels includes, among others:
warm window widenings
profiles under the window
mounting possibility of roller-shutter boxes
Bridging of lintels
thermal widening of windows

Manufacturer of sandwich panels – Winter garden sandwich panels

Sandwich panels for winter gardens of our production are a modern solution in the field of winter garden construction, which allows you to avoid later problems resulting from the use of your dream conservatory. Profi-Therm panels for winter gardens provide excellent thermal insulation, and thus – a comfortable temperature in the interior, shade and, importantly, sound attenuation (acoustic insulation) from the environment, as well as precipitation noise absorption. Another important factor is the resistance of the panels to damage. Classic-Therm® garden sandwich panels can have a different structure and thickness adjusted to a specific window system. For example, in the Classic-Therm® ALU COLOR panel, the outer layers are made of a raw or varnished aluminum plate according to the RAL palette.

We produce sandwich elements such as:
boards for winter gardens
roofing in winter gardens
roof sandwich panels
building of garden walls
winter garden sandwich panels

The experience we have acquired over the years of operation has allowed us to develop a special technology for bonding various types of layers. At the same time, the approach of our technical and commercial department allows us with satisfaction, take up the challenge of creating a product dedicated specifically to your needs. Sandwich panels are of great interest due to their stiffness and low weight in relation to thickness. As a producer of sandwich panels, we ensure that Classic-Therm® panels will be the best choice for many years of operation.

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